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PCO Won The Architect Of The Year According To MEED


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2023-10-18 02:05 pm

❝What is digital architecture design ?❞

The digital architecture describes the aspects of IT architecture where we use technology to achieve the business outcome. And until now it’s considered to be an architectural discipline in which we can apply an architectural solution. This discipline is about redefining the solution design process and adding more focus on the client experience more than business problems. And it uses programming, computer modeling, simulation, and imaging to create physical structures, and virtual forms. Digital architecture can make complex calculations which allows the architects to create a variety of complex designs and forms with ease by using computer programs. The digital architecture criterias: Options: With the availability of digital architecture design, we become more able to make complicated calculations which makes it easy for us to create the required design and by creating simulation, both the architect and the client can have better understanding for shapes, material and structures for the project. Materials: Digital architecture enables us to build our design by using digital material. This material is created by using non-traditional means such as 3D modeling software. When we want to design a project or any part of it, the digital material used won’t be created as separate parts but as a group of units which are arranged in a specific structure by algorithms. So the material created by 3D modeling will be plastic shapes with depth and shadows, and this opens new expressions and opportunities to the architect and gives complete control over the building design process. and with Digital architect we became able to use the traditional building material such as bricks in new and creative ways. The effectiveness Now, we have a huge ability to determine and test the building efficiency before starting the actual building process. With simulations we can create a design based on the required performance parameters in every field, and simulation can help in testing the costs, climate conditions, costs, ecology and more.. Problems: The main problem with digital architecture is its high cost. The robotics technologies needed to create the digital material are complex and expensive. and by time it’s cost is getting lower. the digital architecture design has great objectives such as: Decouple from Technology Debt improve clients interaction with design with saves time, efforts and time during the designing process, and building the project on site. permit Omni-channel Presence get huge benefits from the available technology to reach high innovative levels. and now let’s explain the objective and how technology helps in achieving them. Decouple from Technology Debt: It's hard for the companies to change their existing backend systems or update them, so the technology role with the architect in this situation is to help the architect think how to get benefits of the existing systems and improve it without making the system more complex. By building connections between the existing backend and the new frontend to optimize the whole company system. Permit Omni-channel Presence: This objective is about maintaining client sessions and coordinating the client buying process, and the main element to achieve this presence is session management and it’s about keeping track with prospects and current clients and handling all the project sessions and meeting on all channels for the same client. Also, by session management we can optimize the benefits the clients and our office get. Improve clients interaction with design: The digital architecture design has strong analytical capabilities and these capabilities are divided to three components: Data warehouse: A lot of architecture consulting companies have a data warehouse which involves many perspectives on the company performance based on their key indicators. sales, and products. Datalake: This contains all types of data not just the company's performance but contains all kinds of data, and it’s used to create a complete vision for the client respectives and ideology. Analytical capabilities: it sends the information we extracted from the datalake to the company experience management capability to improve client interaction. in this article, we explained the concept of digital architecture design, and roles, and benefits from the client and how it can improve the project output and save effort, and time by testing the project over and over until we reach the point where we are 100% confident that the final project is the best from and design for our client’s project. and if you still have some questions about upcoming projects you have or digital architecture design, get in touch with us via whatsApp and talk with one of our experts..


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