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❝Prime Consulting Office❞

PCO It is a fast-growing multidiscipline firm, in the short time since its establishment PCO has been a part of a variety of key projects in the Egyptian commercial market. At PCO we pride ourselves on our ability to fully integrate our work with other disciplines and find integrated solutions for the good of the project. We also work with both national and international codes. PCO’s multi-disciplinary capabilities have allowed it to handle each project with great efficiency, taking on different roles and tasks varying from design and visualization to execution drawings and site management.

vision & Mission


PCO Aims to produce high quality designs with efficient procedures to improve the Egyptian market in terms of project functionality and aesthetics


PCO strives to produce projects with an efficient workflow in each stage while introducing new designs to improve the standard of projects to meet the users' needs. PCO aims to satisfy the client’s vision of creating a high-standard project to stand out in an ever-growing market, allowing it to become a landmark and defining point within its context.

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