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PCO Won The Architect Of The Year According To MEED


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2023-10-17 03:30 pm

❝What is the landscape design process ?❞

Landscape design is a creative and comprehensive process that involves planning, designing, and constructing outdoor spaces to improve their Visual attractiveness and practicality. The landscape design process consists of 6 steps to make sure that the actual building process continues with ease with no or limited errors and surprises: initial consultation: The planning process starts with depth consultation with our clients to understand their visions, wishes, and the unique characteristics of the site. This collaborative step allows us to establish a solid understanding of the expected landscape design process and ensures that our client's vision is at the forefront. The location analysis: We analyze the geography, climate, sun path, soil conditions, and existing vegetation to gain a deep understanding of the location's opportunities. This valuable information is a great asset for our architects to make design decisions based on facts and helps us create landscapes that effortlessly integrate with their surroundings. Design Concept Development: With the understanding of our client’s needs, and wishes, and the site analysis information, our team explores different design concepts, and visions, from the plant types to the lighting and shades to create complete expectations for the outdoor area. Drawing functional diagram: This is the fun part where we present the detailed design plan for our client with simple and clear methods such as renderings, 3D models, and sketches to provide a clear vision and expectation for the upcoming project. This step is about communication, feedback, and discussion to ensure that the design is aligned with the client and his family's vision. Design modification : After the discussions between the team and the client, it’s time to refine the design, make the necessary adjustments to the final design, and make sure it reflects our client's expectations and desires. The construction: Now, we are going to bring the design to life with our experienced team in every aspect of the project. We manage everything to ensure that the construction process is going smoothly with high quality and precision. Here are 7 things we consider while creating the landscape design process: the user experience: Each user has different aspirations for their garden, and different requirements for themselves, and their family. these are 5 essential questions to get a clear insight into your vision before making a plan for your outdoor area: What are your current uses for the outdoor area? How do you want to use it in the future? What is your desired design for the garden? Do you like to do the maintenance yourself or want to hire a professional? What is your timeframe and budget? Understand your location: Some designs may not be possible due to the location nature, however, there are always creative, and cool ideas to implant in your garden. for example, the type of soil and the temperature determine the moisture and nutrients available for the plants which may determine the suitable plants for your garden. Start with a style theme: The available style themes are a good place to start, they can guide you and give you inspiration for the material, plants, and design direction. Look at different styles with critical eyes to see what you like, and suitable for your garden, then consult with your architect. Imagine how to connect the spaces: Think about how the different spaces in your outdoor area will be harmonious together. The outdoor area is mainly divided into 3 spaces: the front yard, the backyard, and the side yard. Each design depends on the activity types for this area and its size. The spaces between these areas are usually separated by pavedways, grass, or plants, it’s important because it defines the area, and helps you organize your spaces. Study the plant benefits: Plants add great value to your garden such as increasing relaxation, and comfort with a clean, and nice breeze. And the type of plant has a benefit either its appearance, smell, or psychological value. Also, plants help us to define the garden areas and boundaries. The plants The plants give your garden a special structure somehow. Some plants such as shrubs can be a wall, and tree branches can be a ceiling, and you can use the plants, and their shades to add decorations to your garden in many different ways. Pay attention to the details: Your garden details are derived from the plants, their shades, types, sizes, and colors, from light and shadows, and many more. So thinking about every detail matters to get the output you’re researching for. Your yard is the first impression people see about your house and life. And you can use it to make a positive impact on your life at personal, and social levels. So choosing your landscape design process wisely and carefully will pay off. Our architects can guide your garden transformation process, asset you to the design you like, and make your dream garden a reality afterward..


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