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PCO Won The Architect Of The Year According To MEED


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2023-10-16 03:37 pm

❝What are the architectural concepts?❞

In simple terms, the architectural concept is the idea, notion, or thought that is the foundation of a design project, and we can call it a theme, or the character of a given project. The architectural concepts become the identity and driving power for the project which we consult at every design and constitution stage to make sure that all the project aspects are aligned together to create our next masterpiece which will live for decades. So the definition of architectural concepts for an architect which comes after the analysis and the reading are the beliefs, inspiration, philosophy, ideas, theory, hypothesis, or abstraction that we use to create the project. Now, it’s the time to List 5 Of Common Architectural Concepts: Form and volume: The concept is about starting with a simple design and altering it based on the requirements and the purposes of the projects. This is one method to develop Architectural Concepts. Circulation: This concept is mostly used in museums and galleries. it’s about how the users will move around and interact with one another and with the space. Here we focus on how people get in and out of the building and how they can reach it in the first place. Physical features of the site itself: let’s say you decided to build a house and there are trees on the site and you want to keep the trees, however, some features could be a setback in the circulation planning, we can make use of the site features in the house design. Cultural and historical elements: if a project doesn’t resonate with the local area culture, probably it won’t be accepted or have a sense of belonging to the place. Because culture is way more than the traditions of the community, culture cares about needs and influences on others. Culture affects the styles, building designs, and spatial functions. Light: Project lighting has more roles than visibility lighting only.. natural and artificial lighting define the space, and create boundaries, with its shadows. light is a core design element and by analyzing the sun's path, orientation, and shadows, our consultant can bring comfort, and efficient design to life with less energy. How Do We Develop An Architectural Concept? We at prime consulting office, believe that there are three fundamentals for choosing the applicable and convenient architectural concept: The concepts are based on the problem analysis and/or derived from it They can be comprehensive and general. We can always develop and improve them further. The site nature and the design brief are the leading sources for a specific architectural understand the climate, history, culture, and the different conditions for a site, we run a considerable site analysis, and read the design brief many times to have a deep understanding of it on a small and real scale. After that, we can develop many architectural concepts by taking into consideration your interests and ideas, then we set the values that are considered a reference in every step in the design. What are the effects of choosing the wrong architectural concepts? “We shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us.” (Churchill, 1943) The architectural concepts are the soul of the project and choosing the wrong concepts can lead to a significant loss in budgets and resources and the final project won’t be as efficient or effective as expected. The chosen architectural concept interferes with design, interior spacing, facade design, and flooring material. This is how far comes the effect of choosing the right architectural concept so the analysis, effective planning, and consulting the experts will make your life better, more comfortable, and more fulfilling in the long run. For example, if the room is warm, you will feel uncomfortable, and distracted, and if it’s dark it will be hard to relax or focus on your work. If a classroom is full of natural light it will help the students to be attentive to the class. Even a short exposure to a specific architecture will lead to changes in the heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension. and you can recall if you remember that you entered a room and didn’t feel comfortable or even have to breathe and you just want to leave as fast as you can.. this is one of the immediate effects of the wrong architectural concepts, and the long term exposure has much more influence on the people. So choosing the suitable architectural concept for a building or a project has a great positive consequence on the overall result, that’s why at the prime consulting office we give extreme attention to the research, analysis, and planning before choosing the architectural concept for our clients in addition to take care for other aspects of the project such as full construction packages, coordination, design review, interior design, project management, construction supervision. At the end of the article, I hope you can have an adequate idea of the architectural concepts, the different types of important and common architectural concepts, and how we develop architectural concepts at the prime consulting office. If you have any questions, contact us via WhatsApp and we can arrange a meeting with one of our experts..


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